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WAKO TRADE COMPANY LIMITED | Industrial Machinery Division

Industrial Machinery Division

We introduce products and services for the Machinery industry from Euro and U.S.

We import the finest measurement scales for industry and helicopters from MSI at U.S., and the highest quality scissor cutters from Lowe at Germany. The confidential relationship with them has continued for over 30 years. In this history, these manufacturers responded our detailed requirements and orders so we were able to win our customers esteem. Now, we are planning to introduce the Cell scale, that is able to communicate from the scale and controller by radio frequency which will be modified to correspond to Japanese law as new technologies enrich the lines of Lowe scissors. Of course, the industrial equipments in these various fields can be imported within regulations so if you have any inquires, let us know and we will respond to you immediately.

Contuct: +81-3-5434-2942

Crane scale

Find the best-integrated system solution for our clients using the finest resources available.


Lowe’s scissors was born in Industrialized power Germany.