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High Technology Division

We are providing the advanced technology what comes and goes for a fair price.

We were funded to present highest technology and products as business agent of aerospace manufacturer in United States at 1974. So we provided airplane parts, engine, electronic devices, testing devices, satellite communications equipment etc.
But, our provided equipments have been changing according to advanced industries that change momently. Now, we are providing the simulation software which is correspond to customer requests, the laser rader camera and also the propellant for space rocket. The information network in the United States and Europe is made good use of according to the experience and the technology that has been cultivated up to now, and a state-of-the-art technology and the product are provided and offered by a prompt, accurate, proper price.

Contact: +81-3-5434-2942

Simulation software

Several simulation software which are used in U.S. army
The simulation software are proven by actual results

We are importing any simulation software which are combined the advanced technologies in US Army and the technical know-how proven by many actual test and fight. And then, the software should be arranged depends on customer’s requirements for infrared simulation, millimeter wave and also laser radar simulations. We will provide simulation software with confidence as much as possible.

Space Business

Import and provide rocket fuel
The hi quality products of the world for Japanese space industry

We, the High Technology division, were involving in domestic space industry for 30 years and more. Currency, we are importing and handling such as the fuels for launch rocket which is managed by DESC who are U.S. Government organization. We will endeavor for the Japanese space industry/development in the future.