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Animal Division

25 years ago we began to sell medical equipment for racehorses. We have great pride, that we were able to contribute to the horse racing world. The Thoroughbred was originally born and bred with superior running abilities. However, many horses have various troubles such as injuries and breakdowns while growing up. Because of that, there are many good horses who must retire early. We feel many of those troubles can be avoided and solved by putting less stress on the horse. Wanting to answer this problem, we developed our own solutions from food, by increasing the efficient use of energy by the horse of protein and oxygen. These kinds of foods will draw out the internal energy from the horses body. We are trying to develop solutions to these and other problems to make horses and racing better.

Contact: +81-3-5434-2942

Profeed  (Plant Protein)

The Profeed is a plant protein that is mixed into your horses food that is the best way to increase their energy. Of course this protein was tested and approved by Laboratory Standards of racing chemistry. So you can Profeed with safety. If you are interested in it, let us know.

Spec:  one pack, (2.5kg) one case has four packs (10kg)


This is an enhanced version of Profeed. It is also cleared by the Laboratory of racing chemistry.

Spec:  one pack, (2.5kg) one case has four packs (10kg)